Loop2U for leaders serious about leadership

Don’t manage performance – unleash it!

Invest 30 seconds a day, and you’ll suddenly have the conversations that will change the way your team performs.

App Features

simple     organic     fast     intuitive



Less than 30 seconds a day to journal valuable performance observations about those you lead.


Leaders can observe and measure individual and team contribution to strategic goals.


Lead people and unlock their capacity to deliver by fostering authentic conversations in real-time.



Team members get to journal their successes, which promotes a two-way performance conversation.


Log a blocker and draw immediate focus on real problems that are stopping success.


No surprises at the end of the year – people always know where they stand with dynamic feedback from peers and leaders.

How Loop2U Works

Leaders give real-time meaningful feedback weekly through a simple GUI.

Team members log successes and blockers weekly through text prompts.

The system identifies strategic drift, talent recognition opportunities, troubled groups, and leadership focal points.


People Feel Valued

The people you lead feel valued because they are now part of a practical strategy-to-execution loop with a real-time relevant sense of engagement and conversation.

Energy and Focus

Employees feel heard and become excited to contribute and this results in an energetic focus on the highest value work. Less of the wrong work being done and more of the right work being done is good for everyone.


The Right Conversations

Immediate increase in conversational tempo between leader and team members on topics that matter. Productivity and accountability go up. Turnover goes down.

Simple & User Friendly

Loop2U uses two simple features: Blockers and Successes. When team members log a blocker or success through a simple text stream, leaders are able to see what their people are really working on. They then have the right conversations to help them be successful.

30 Seconds a Day

We’ve discovered that team members are more honest with their deeper thoughts and concerns when using a simple, social-media like text interface. This means Loop2U is surfacing the real leadership conversations that absolutely need to happen for teams to be high-performing.

two reasons why we care

#1 – Bad Leadership Causes Turnover

True story: A financial services company hired a new manager – within one year 1/4 of the team resigned and 1/3 transferred. Exit interviews showed why over HALF of the team left. The manager failed to:


  • Show appreciation
  • Foster commitment
  • Communicate strategy

* HBR article by Spain & Groysberg, April 2016

* HBR article by Menon and Thompson, August 2016

#2 – Great Leadership Creates Better Business


Set Expectations


Review Priorities


Comment on Work


Provide Coaching


Engaged Feedback


Recognize People


Correct Misdirection


Connect to Strategy

Pricing Plan

Contact us for organizational pricing.

Each Loop is a dollar per user per month on a recurring annual subscription of 12 bucks a year per loop. This includes yourself and each member of the team. After you enter your payment information, we’ll give you a link so you can invite people to your team.

All payment information is processed securely with Stripe.

If you have any questions about our billing process or your account, please contact support

From Our Users

Immediately changed the type of conversations we have. I already had a great relationship with my employees, now I know we are aligned every day.

Matt Burton

Director of People and Great Work, O.C. TANNER

I had a great loop2u experience. I’m using it in a small, trusted, close team. I learned via a “blocker” that one of my team members was suffering some pretty heavy feelings of self-doubt. I was able to respond with some words of encouragement, and asked them to schedule some time early this week so we can dig in more. I never would have known without Loop2U.

Carl Erickson

CEO, Atomic Object

We’re Different

Difference #1

Our secret sauce? Collect very little data, capture it at the heartbeat of the experience, don’t make people have to find a new app to login – use text streams, keep their stay short (30 seconds or less), provide immediate value: workers get to engage their managers, managers get performance reviews done automatically, executives see how strategy is executing – or not.

Difference #2

For too long so-called “people apps” have been nothing more than a burden to managers and workers, while yielding no real value. Our design is a new breakthrough that get us out of the dark ages.

Difference #3

We come from the trenches – we know what it’s like to lead and we know the problems leaders and workers have. So we took the opposite approach of most people-tool applications. We use minimal data, prompt you for it randomly through a text, and give you an amazing dashboard full of useful information that helps you in your leadership work.

Try It Today!

Loop2U takes no more than 15 seconds a day – simple, easy, authentication – and it works the way most of us work, through text messages. Our clients have shared with us these results from using Loop2U:

  • Frequent conversations that focus on what really matters.
  • Team members enjoy keeping a dynamic record of their success.
  • Leaders like giving frequent, relevant feedback.
  • Leaders like to be able to coach – they just need micro-prompts to help.
  • Working through text messaging is a whole new game – fast, simple, immediate results.
  • Everyone likes feeling connected to strategy and having real purpose in their work.


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